Saturday, January 14, 2012

Forgotten Actualities

After spending a considerable amount of time in Southern New England, North Florida and Nowhere Pennsylvania, I have come to realize it does not matter where you are, but what you discover while being there. Starting in Pennsylvania, trying it out in Florida, finally settling and realizing everything I have ever wanted is in Rhode Island, has not only outlined a lifestyle for me, but it has also filled in the gaps in between every one of my always expanding index of interests.

Pennsylvania taught me to appreciate the great outdoors, street skating, and snowboarding.

Florida it was surfing, park skating, and an addiction to dive bars and cheap beer.

Rhode Island not only took all of these interests and consolidated them into one simple lifestyle, but it made it easy for me to participate in all of them within the hours of the sun.

The most interesting places could actually be right on your doorstep, dont forget about 'em

Rise and Grind, 7ply upgrading the park and making it fun for o
ld heads

RI's got a good trail system, mid-days mind clearing

Victory at sea 1.5 miles away from clean mellow lines

Building an outdoor deck bar, cold and damp Rhode Island Style


  1. Ryan, nicely done! I am glad you found the riches of RI. You did a swell job on the photos also. Image, there is still more to see!

    Annette MBG

  2. this is the best post so far! loving the pics...especially the barn/fence pic!!:) happy is where you make it!